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“A referral is sending someone you care about to someone you respect.”

— anon.


“My experience has been great with Pam…we love her and she is very insightful. Especially during the early days of start up, she was there to function as a coach and mentor to me. If anything, I should spend more time with Pam because she always has helpful tips and knows our organization. Her years of experience are extremely helpful too as she has been there and done that. Seems like she has seen everything over the years that agencies struggle with and is a valuable guide.”

— Bryan Baird, President, K&B Underwriters, LLC

“Pam is an excellent listener who provides thoughtful as opposed to "knee jerk" responses. She is certainly not in the business of telling me what I want to hear. Her deep knowledge of agency operations and procedures has been of very significant value over the years.  Pam Millard adds value to the company, value that lasts throughout the life of business. I should call on her more often.”

— Ed Duval, Lakeside Insurance Agency

“In an age of corporatization of the insurance industry, independent agency owners better get themselves in gear to figure out how they’re going to survive and thrive. Pam Millard is the best person to help them do this.”

— Eleanor Barnard, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

"In all my associations with experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and business “experts,” as well as in my consulting work with start-ups, I’ve not come across anyone who can hold a candle to Pamela Millard when it comes to listening intently and helping to build an organic, holistic and profitable roadmap that can actually be implemented and gets results.

I heartily recommend Pamela Millard. She is extremely insightful and creative, while remaining grounded, focused and unwaveringly honest. You will be doing yourselves, your team and your investors a big favor by working with her."

—Jennifer Ann Gordon, JAG & Associates

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