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“We’ve been in hundreds of insurance agencies but we’re sure we haven’t seen it all. What we have seen are some common problems or situations—unique to insurance agents and brokers—that crop up again and again. So we’ve developed some uncommon approaches to help you manage your business.

— Pamela Millard

Signature Solutions

We’ve been in hundreds of insurance agencies but we’re sure we haven’t seen it all. What we have seen are some common threads—problems or situations unique to insurance agents and brokers—that crop up again and again. Transformation Advisors has developed industry-specific tools and strategies—industry specific solutions for the problems you face.

Signature Solutions don’t come in a box. And they won’t box you in. All our solutions and strategies include our expert consulting and coaching—to make sure they work for you. Not only that. The fact is we continuously work to improve and refine them to fit the growing and changing needs of your operation.

  • Strategic Planning Your Way
    — Measurable goals and the game plan to achieve them
    — The ability to respond to changing conditions
    — A more manageable business

    Experience strategic planning designed to meet your business needs, either on-site or via email, Internet and phone. Planning isn’t an event. It’s a process. What are you waiting for? Learn more…
  • Beyond Benchmarking
    — Knowing how well you compare to industry averages is interesting, but...
    — Knowing how effectively you use your resources is helpful.
    — Information that helps you manage your workload is priceless.

    Go beyond benchmarking with Transformation Advisors unique analysis and management tool to create your own benchmarks and project staffing requirements based on factors unique to your business. Learn more...
  • Employee Surveys
    — Satisfied customers stay with you and bring their friends.
    — Satisfied employees stay with you and ensure that your customers stay satisfied.

    How do you’re know that your employees and your customers are satisfied. You ask. Ask them what they expect—what would delight them. Ask how well you’re meeting those expectations. It’s all in how you ask. Learn more...
  • Models of Profitability
    Want to improve profitability? It’s simple.
    — Increase income
    — Reduce expenses or
    — Increase income and reduce expenses

    But simple isn’t always easy. Analyzing where your profit comes from, (and where it goes) will give you greater insight into business strengths and weakness, and how to improve it. Learn more…
  • Producers As Profit Centers
    Sales is the lifeblood of your business, and your sales force is one of the biggest investments you make in your agency.

    How you compensate your producers directly impacts agency profitability. Each producer should generate more revenue than it costs to support his or her sales efforts and to service the book of business. In other words, each producer should return a profit to the agency.
    Understanding how producers contribute to agency profitability gives you the ability to design producer compensation plans that profit the agency and the producers. Learn more...
  • Performance-Best Compensation Plans
    — Recruit the best candidates for each job
    — Retain the best employees and keep them motivated
    — Reward the best performers

    That’s what the best compensation plans do. Encourage and reward employees for giving their best efforts in support of your goals.

    Ask employees what’s most important to them, and “money” is seldom the first thing on the list. A high salary is almost never a true job motivator. So why is your compensation program one of the most important parts of your management foundation? Because money can be a big DE-motivator. For your employees. And for you. Learn more …
  • Call for Accountability
    — “The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks.” Rupert Murdock
    — “The buck stops here!” Harry S. Truman

    Where does the buck stop in your business? If the line forms at the door to your office, it may be time for a change. It calls for accountability at all levels of the organization and it takes a little doing. But it’s well worth the effort. Learn more …
  • Transformation On Call
    — Transform the way you think about your business goals
    — Transform the way you think about your employees
    — Transform the way you think about problems
    — Transform the way you think about change

    Are you at your best when you’re taking action? Do you get weary tending to all the details of running the agency? You might profit from a little perspective on managing your business—from the people to the numbers—and everything in between. Learn more …
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