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Call for Accountability

What would it mean to your business if every one of your employees owns their own job?

  • It could mean that you outperform your competition by 30%--40% --or more.
  • It could mean that your customer retention (that’s right, customers not revenue) is 98%.
  • It could mean that you get to spend 100% more of your time building your business instead of doing the jobs that you already pay others to do.

We’re not talking about entrepreneurship—but accountability.

Why is ownership—accountability—so important? Think about this. If you own you own job…

If you own it, you take the responsibility to do it well.
If you own it, you improve it.
If you own it, you take pride in it.
If you own it, it gives back to you what you put into it so,
If you own it, you take satisfaction from it.

So, in your business, if everyone owns their own job,

Morale is higher

Quality is higher

Customers are better served

Retention is higher

Referrals are better

Productivity is higher

Expenses are lower

Profit is higher

In your organization do you—does the "boss"—own all the jobs? Or do some go begging? Would you like to build an environment where everyone in your organization can own their own job—be accountable for their own results?

Transformation Advisors can help. We have a program to help you build accountability across your organization. Take the 7 Steps to Accountability with our tools and coaching to help you and/or your management team

1. Communicate vision
2. Identify customer needs
3. Set expectations
4. Delegate responsibility and authority
5. Understand consequences
6. Measure results
7. Ensure continuous improvement

The program takes you from where you are to where you want to be—and where you want your organization to be. Committed to your vision and accountable to make it happen.
We bring this program to you on your terms, using a combination of on-site and web-based modules along with telephone and email support. Timeframes are flexible but we work to keep you on track and on time.

If you want to stop the buck passing. To build accountability into and across your organization. To make every employee is a partner and every customer an advocate...

Fill out our on-line form or call Transformation Advisors at (530) 295-1083.


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