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Employee Surveys

What are satisfied employees worth to your business?
Knowledgeable, personable, satisfied employees are a very real asset. They contribute to the bottom line in tangible ways by helping find and keep new customers. Great employees are what set a business apart more than any other single factor; they give you a true competitive advantage.

Conversely, if employees are not knowledgeable, personable and satisfied, costs increase and profits decline. If they don't have the right tools to do their jobs effectively, or if they aren't treated fairly or are overworked and stressed out, they can become frustrated and unhappy. More importantly, disgruntled employees can be disruptive to the entire organization--sharing their discontent with anyone who will listen. This attitude has a tendency to rub off on others, bringing down the morale of the entire organization. Productivity suffers and so do your customers - just long enough to move their business to one of your competitors.

Do you know how your staff really feels? Are your programs and policies as effective as you hope or think they are? If you're not sure, you need to ask. Transformation Advisors can help.

We’ve been conducting employee surveys for over 10 years. We know the questions to ask and we know to get the most—and the most candid—responses. And it’s all done with total confidentiality.
For a nominal fee, Transformation Advisors, Inc., will take the pulse of your agency. Your staff will often share things with us they won’t tell you, for fear of retribution--or of hurting your feelings.

We provide you with detailed results including an unbiased analysis that identifies opportunities for improvement and recommends specific action steps where appropriate. We provide total individual confidentiality for your employees. Results are compiled; no individual responses will be shared with you.

And if you want to go beyond a survey, Transformation Advisors can help you implement strategies to solve any problems your survey may turn up.

Fill out our on-line form or call Transformation Advisors at (530) 295-1083.


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