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Beyond Benchmarking

Are you frustrated because your agency’s productivity is below average? Have you quit using Best Practices and other industry benchmarking tools because your results are so much better than reported? Don’t know whether you’re overstaffed or understaffed? Are you really super-productive or are your customers paying the price? Tired of listening to your staff insist it’s time to add people when your bottom line says otherwise?

Industry benchmarks provide valuable information to help you compare your results to your peers. But they can’t accommodate the things about your business that separate you from the average – your marketplace, your customers, your strategic vision, and other factors that have a direct impact on productivity.

Effective management requires better management information
Transformation Advisors can show you how to make the most of valuable industry tools and develop your own set of benchmarks to measure productivity and maintain the right capacity to deliver quality customer service.

Why Another Productivity Benchmarking Tool?
A number of industry groups and consultants gather data and publish benchmarks for independent agencies. The information they provide is very useful. We rely on it to help evaluate individual agency results in key operating categories such as revenue per employee and revenue per customer service representative.

But average is average. Even averages of top performing agencies don’t take into consideration those things that make your agency unique. In order to use industry averages as an effective management tool you need to be able to look at productivity within the context of things such as revenue per account, growth, level of automation and a number of other factors that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of staff.

And productivity is not effectiveness. "Productivity," is just a number—a function of revenue and number of people. To be more "productive," you only need to reduce staff. To be effective you need to This may or may not be appropriate based on your book of business and your strategic goals and objectives for the agency.

With the Transformation Advisors Beyond Benchmarking tool you can put industry benchmarks in the context of your agency environment.

To take benchmarking to whole new level. For truly meaningful measures of performance. To create your agency’s standards of excellence...

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