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Strategic Planning for Business Excellence
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Strategic Planning for Business Excellence

A well-written, well-executed strategic business plan can mean the difference between reacting to what the future may hold and designing your own future. Plans are often referred to as “dreams with deadlines.”

You may think there are reasons why you don’t want to write a strategic business plan. “It’s time-consuming.” “It’s difficult.” And many ask, “What’s the point? Tomorrow something will change and my plan won’t be any good anymore.” But the reasons to plan - and the benefits - far outweigh the excuses.

But it doesn’t stop there. The PLAN is just the beginning – and the middle – never the end.

The PLAN The Planning Process
  • Mission, SWOT, Goals, Objectives and Action Plans
  • Monitoring, Prioritizing and Ongoing Follow up and Follow through

We help you with

  • Articulating the mission – understanding who you are and what you stand for, where you want the business to go and what you do best – so you focus on the most important areas.
  • Assessing the current situation – identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to set the stage for positive change and continuous improvement.
  • Establishing goals and the strategies and action plans to achieve them – identifying who will do what by when to ensure that real change occurs.
  • Monitoring activities and measuring results – follow through requires commitment but without it the plan will fail.

Like the commercial says, we’ll do it your way.

Want just a little help? Do you have a plan from last year—or the year before—that needs an update? Is your mission clear, it’s just the operating objectives you need help with? We will take a focused approach to help you get back on track with your plan. And provide the help you need to implement it.

Want a more strategic option? Is it time to get the team involved? Want to plan a planning “Retreat?” We’ll help you and your management team get away from it all long enough to focus on your vision and your goals. We’ll help you do the pre-work that will ensure a successful retreat and we’ll help you build an implementation plan to ensure that you take strategic action.

Want to go for transformation? Need help clarifying your mission? Want an objective third-party review of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Concerned that there are big changes needed and not sure where to start? We can put you on the path to strategic management.

We understand that planning and implementation take time. So we’ll work with you to ensure a workable schedule, whether on site in your office, using Internet and telecommunication options, or a combination of both. And regardless of which option you choose, strategic planning your way comes with ongoing telephone support to assist with implementation of strategies and plans.

To get a whole new perspective on strategic planning. To go from good to better to best. To make positive changes for sustained excellence...

Fill out our on-line form or call Transformation Advisors at (530) 295-1083.


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