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“If you’re not growing, you’re falling behind. Sustained excellence requires action - not just keeping up, but sprinting ahead.

— Pamela Millard

  • Profitability Improvement
    Get a better handle on how the best agencies are performing and achieving outstanding results. Understand the dynamics and profit contributions of the various lines of business and individual producers. Know the impact of contingent income. Our profitability modeling tools help take peer analysis to a new level. Learn more…

Income – Expenses = Profit. To improve performance simply increase income and/or reduce expenses, right? It’s difficult to make sound business decisions without knowing how each department, line of business or individual producer contributes to the bottom line.

But remember –the numbers are not the entire story. It’s really about the people and the processes behind the numbers. Discover all the ways you can improve your bottom line.

  • Workflow That Works
    Agencies have made significant investments in technology—hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. All too often the promise of these investments isn’t being realized—particularly when new technology is simply added to old processes. See how you can make technology show you the money.

    Need a workflow tune-up? Our Operating Reviews can pinpoint areas for improvement and provide workable methods for making positive changes

We have a proven formula for building a customer-focused operation that will improve profitability and enhance the value of your organization. Utilizing tools that focus on the customers, identify costs, streamline work and measure results, we show agencies how to improve the efficiency of their procedures and enhance the service provided to customers. And we can work with you to cut the costs out of the entire end-to-end process.

  • Maximizing Agency Value
    Agency value is not about multiples of commission. It’s about earnings and risk. To maximize the value of your agency, you need to enhance earnings by increasing income and/or reducing expenses, and minimize your risk by ensuring that you have the right people doing the right things in the right way.

    Is it time to look at the value of your business in terms of risk and reward?
  • Productivity & Benchmarking
    Industry benchmarks provide valuable information to help you compare your results to your peers. But they can’t accommodate the things about your business that separate you from the average – your marketplace, your customers, your strategic vision, and other factors that have a direct impact on productivity.

    We can show you how to make the most of valuable industry tools and develop your own set of benchmarks to measure productivity and maintain the right capacity to deliver quality customer service. Learn more…
  • Operating Reviews
    Price and product may not provide a consistent marketing edge but operating excellence can give you a strong competitive edge. Is it time for an objective third-party review of your operation with an eye toward creating excellence that can be sustained?

    The review is just the beginning. Opportunities for improvement require action plans. Follow up. And follow through. We not only help you identify what needs to be changed but how to make the change and make it stick.
  • Call for Accountability
    Responsibility without accountability is just a lot of good intentions. Meaningful expectations can produce measurable results. But only if there is a sense of commitment and accountability throughout the organization.

    We can help you and your management team create an environment where every employee can own his or her job and be accountable for results. If you don’t like where the buck stops in your business, we’ve got a plan for you. Learn more…
  • Employee & Customer Feedback Systems
    Do you know how well your agency is meeting the needs of your employees? How about your customers? If you’re not sure, we can help.

    For years, our Employee Satisfaction Surveys have been helping agencies improve communication with employees in meaningful ways. Feedback systems go beyond just the surveys, though. We can help you make changes that ensure you continue to get the kind of feedback you need and want from both employees and customers.
  • Change Management
    Too many changes? Or not enough? If a threat or weakness is forcing you to change. If a strength or opportunity is calling you to change. If you are constantly making changes that don’t help or don’t last. If your staff has trouble adapting to change. Or if you want help in putting positive changes into strategic perspective, we can help. Learn more…

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