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“If you loathe management, you’ll love Strategic Management. When you make decisions with strategic intent, you don’t have to make the same decisions over and over again.

— Pamela Millard

Good business managers ask, “Are we doing things right?” Strategic management asks, “Are we doing the right things?” Instead of solving your problems as they arise, why not solve them before you have them? Strategic management ensures that the decisions you make today won’t become problems tomorrow.

We can help you build the kind of business foundation that separates the best from the rest.

  • Finding And Keeping Great Employees
    Attracting and keeping great people is not just a challenge. It’s an opportunity to be more profitable—as much as 30 to 40% more profitable. See how you can create the environment necessary to find and keep the best employees. And if you’re not sure how your employees think you’re doing as an employer of choice, we can help you ask them. (Link to SS Employee Surveys)

    We have tools and strategies to help you attract, hire, train, and reward great employees.

Good people together find ways to make great things happen. Empowering staff makes an enormous difference for everyone. We provide information and tools gathered from hundreds of successful insurance businesses to help agencies create an empowering environment.

Employee satisfaction surveys, customer service organizational models, , job descriptions, compensation programs for producers and service and support staff, performance improvement programs and training tracks are just some of the ways we help agencies create an empowered staff – one that focuses on exceeding customers’ expectations.

  • Customer-Driven Organization
    Satisfied customers build business. All the rest—leadership, staff, automation, strategic planning, etc.—are just tools to create satisfied customers. Given that, do you know what your customers really want and need and how effectively you are meeting those needs?

    We help agencies create an enterprise-wide customer-driven attitude, with customer satisfaction surveys they can use to gauge how well they are delivering what customers want.

A world-class organization has a sales-focused, customer-driven culture. Selling is everyone’s job—from the receptionist answering the phone to the top leaders of the organization. To make this culture a reality for your business, the entire agency must be focused on the customers and their needs.

  • Sales Management
    Today, more than ever, it is critical that an independent agency operate as an efficient sales organization. Every producer must sell effectively, and agency principals and managers must manage the sales effort closely in order to reached projected sales goals.

    Sales management includes recruiting, selection and hiring, goal setting, training and coaching, motivating, monitoring and, sometimes, firing producers. Who’s managing “Sales” in your agency? If the answer is “Nobody,” then we can help.
  • Performance-Best Compensation Programs
    Your compensation program should help your agency recruit the best staff available, retain the best employees through motivation and incentives, and reward behavior that helps the business meet overall goals. An effective compensation plan will help you do all that—plus support the need to control the highest costs in the agency.

    We can help you design an enterprise-wide compensation program that rewards the best employees for their best efforts without breaking the bank. Learn more…

One of the biggest investments an agency makes is in their sales force. You cannot afford to pay too much. But, if you pay too little, you will not be able to hire or keep good producers. Both scenarios result in a financial loss for the agency. Our producer validation model, based on salary and revenue goals, evaluates when a new producer will achieve positive results for an agency and includes marketing strategies to help the producer stay on the track to success.

  • Producers as Profit Centers
    How you compensate your producers affects producer satisfaction and effectiveness. And, how you compensation producers directly impacts agency profitability. We can show you how to have a positive effect on both—by viewing each producer as a profit center. Learn more…

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