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“The planning process – vision, strategy, and implementation – opens the door for positive change.

— Pamela Millard       

Strategic Planning
  • Measurable goals and the game plan to achieve them
  • The ability to respond to changing conditions
  • Alignment with key carriers through joint planning
  • A shared vision that your whole agency will want to achieve
  • A manageable business

Take charge of your business. Companies with written business plans have higher profits—100% higher on average. Yet less than a third of all companies have written strategic business plans. Transformation Advisors can help you develop—and implement—a comprehensive planning program for the strategic management of your organization.

  • Strategic Business Planning
    Experience strategic planning designed to meet your business needs, either on-site or via email, Internet and phone. Your plan doesn't confine you to some static action. Your plan will help you respond to the threats and opportunities that arise.

    Be proactive. Planning isn’t an event. It’s a process. What are you waiting for? Learn more…
  • Working Your Plan
    Every good strategic plan needs a tactical implementation plan to back it up. Transformation Advisors can help you ensure that the everyday urgent priorities don’t keep you from working on the important priorities supporting your vision and goals. We can help you keep your plan alive with scheduled strategic accountability counseling sessions. Learn more…
  • Strategic Problem Solving
    Take strategic planning to a whole new level and apply it to the day-to-day problems that keep you working overtime. There’s a trick to solving problems so they stay solved. We call it thinking SMART. If you’re tired of solving the same problems over and over again, let us show you how it’s done. Learn more…
  • Sales & Market Planning
    Sales is not a department, it is a process. We help agencies get organized to sell and then manage the sales process. We facilitate the development of customized sales and marketing strategies to transform your agency into a proactive sales organization.
  • Management Transition & Business Succession Planning
    Who will own your agency when you’re ready to leave the business? It’s never too early to start planning your exit strategy. Today you have choices. The closer you get to retirement, the fewer options you may have. We can help you plan for the future of your agency.

If your thought is to sell to an outsider, profitability is the key to return on the sweat equity you have in your business.

If your plan is to sell to current or future agency employees, the market value of the agency is less important than the ability of the buyers to run the business successfully.

The actions you take today would be very different for one goal than for another.

  • Merger & Acquisition Planning
    Buying and partnering with agencies has become a way of life in the insurance industry. To ensure that the acquirer and the acquired are both ready and the right candidates for the transaction, extensive analysis must be completed. In addition to agency valuations, we have strategies and tools to organize the process and help perform due diligence.

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